Monkey Pants

June 24, 2013

Sweet moments here. A few to share:


“I don’t think I can handle Camryn Ellie getting any older. I’m in rebellion.” – Chris (Can she just stay this cute no matter how old she gets?!?)

Camryn Ellie at the strawberry patch. Needless to say, she didn’t have any berries left in her bucket when we finished!


“CAMRYN’S GOT MY MONKEY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!” – Cara. Said of the sweet, aforementioned Camryn Ellie, who stole Cara’s monkey pants off the shelf.

Cara at the strawberry patch

“Mom, I want you to put the baby down for a nap and take me outside. ” – Caleb

Caleb helping daddy change brake pads

“Boys wear blue AND orange, and girls wear pink.” – Caleb



Uncle Jon’s first time meeting Amos (…and Caleb… and Camryn!)



Chris was trying to get Caleb to do something one day and told him to try it the “Old-school” way. Cara inquired what “old-school” meant, and Chris said it meant sort-of in an old-fashioned way. So the next day Cara came out of her room with her shoes on, ready to go…

Mom: “Why are your shoes on?”

Cara: “We’re going to go to fashion school and to Kelly’s (a friends).

SO, if your doing something old “school”, and you’re old “fashioned”, then it only makes sense that you need to go to fashion school. Haha!


ImageSweet Baby Amos!


“Cara did THIS to me (pushes a hand on his chest) and that was WRONG in her heart!” -Caleb

“Speaking of Grandmommy, here is Camryn’s water cup that was laying in the floor!” – Cara (makes NO sense whatsoever! hilarious…)




Welcom Baby Amos!

May 20, 2013


We welcomed Amos Christopher on Tuesday, March 19th at 2:30 in the afternoon. We have been so blessed by this addition to our family! He is much loved by all… and he’s a great sleeper!


For the Aunts and Uncles

February 15, 2013

Just some funnies for those far away….

I just have to laugh at some of the words my kids love to say. They get on a kick and will repeat their favorites all day. Here are a few:


“Baked Ziti”

“SponTANeous!”  <— one of Caleb’s favorites 🙂


Today, Grandmommy babysat while I went to an appointment. She shared that at the breakfast table, Caleb pointed out the light fixture: “See that? Those are my lights. And THOSE are my spider webs!” Wow. Thanks for pointing that out Caleb. The spiderwebs on the light fixture have been noticed, but were at the botton (the veeerrry bottom) of my list of things to attend to. BUT, grandmommy to the rescue to turn a very hospitable moment into an opportunity to let the kids play with the feather duster. Bye-bye cobwebs!

DSC04393here are some pics of the kids during our recent snow. DSC04407

Ruth and Boaz

February 15, 2013

We’re reading through the book of Ruth during family Bible time in the evenings right now. Last night, Chris was talking to the kids about it at the table. He asked, “what did Ruth and Boaz do?” and here are the responses….

Caleb: “They weed-eated!”

Cara: “They cleaned the garden!”

I was so surprised at those responses, because from their 2 and 4-year-old perspectives, that’s exactly what happened! Caleb sees daddy use a weed-eater to knock down tall grass, and Cara knows we pull up the brush in the garden after we harvest the food. So if Ruth and Boaz were cutting down tall stalks of barley, they were weed-eating and cleaning the garden! Lol!


Where’ve we been???

November 30, 2012

It’s been quite some time since a blog update happened. There have been more precious moments than I could keep up with! So many things triggered the thought, “oh, that would be facebook status worthy if we had a facebook!” but I just never found the right moment to get on here to share.

Visiting the zoo for the first time! Grandmommy’s birthday gift to Cara.

So what have we been up to? Here’s a blurb of a paragraph to summarize:


1st and 2nd trimesters with baby #4! Potty training Caleb. Only doing two loads of diapers a week now! Changing churches- now attending Basswood Church. Getting to know new church family! Learning what it means to be “reformed”. Experimenting with quinoa. Learning how to correctly pronounce “quinoa” (keen-wah). Eating “oatmilk” (Caleb’s version of “oatmeal”) on “tomorning” (Cara’s shortcut for “tomorrow morning”). Stealing as MUCH sugar from Camryn Ellie as is humanly possible. Smiling every time we go over numbers during homeschool and Caleb holds up the number “1”, which, because of his dougle-jointed (MUST be!) finger, looks more like a backwards “C”. I’ll never understand how his finger can bend back that far. Anyway…


Fighting gallbladder attacks. Finding out it looks like we’ll be welcoming a BOY in March! Discovering our love of sourdough waffles… and crackers… and pizza crusts. Embarking on our raw milk adventure (I have yet to enjoy this part of family life due to aforementioned gallbladder issues). Watching as each child takes turns going through growth spurts, and keeping up with the “Who Will Weigh More?” battle between Cara and Caleb (BOTH children currently weigh 29.2 pounds… and it looks like Cara is the next one starting a growth spurt!) Enjoying have a FOUR year old (!?!?!?!?!?) help me in the kitchen! (She LOVES all things domestic- she even asked for a BROOM for her birthday! And today she told Grandpa she would like a MOP for Christmas!!!!)


Phew! And I only WISH I could write a paragraph of all the sweet, cute, hiLARious things our blessings say and do each day! But alas, pregnesia has caused a momentary loss of memory capabilities on my part.


But here’s one I remember… It seems Cara is getting her ipod tracks confused. “Manners” and “Audio Bible” got a bit intertwined last week when she told me “Mom, Matthew chapter 1 says that we should always say ‘may I be excused?’ before getting down from the table.”


I’ve richly enjoyed seeing their little minds grow and learn lately, as well. Chris has been reading to them about the Loon bird from our character sketches book, and Cara tells me at least one thing about the loon everyday that somehow comes up in our daily conversation. She relates big concepts now, putting things and ideas together in ways that are so beautiful. God is SO mighty to create and grow little minds in such marvelous ways!


Camryn Ellie- my twin! Her newborn pictures confused family because of how much she looked like me- and not much has changed!

A little chat…

August 23, 2012

Tonight at Bible time, this conversation occurred…

Daddy: Cara, Daddy is SO JOYFUL! You see, Daddy had LOTS of sin in his heart, but God said, “Chris, I LOVE YOU!”…

Cara interrupted: And a loooong, long time ago, God came into you and changed your heart?

Daddy: YES! He did!

Cara: Daddy, when is He going to change my heart? And I want Him to come into Caleb’s and Camryn’s hearts and change them, too…

And Daddy pursued a sweet explanation of the grace of God.

3 years old and so curious…

Chicken Tenders

August 12, 2012

Can I share with you about one of my most exciting chores?

Yes, I think chores can be exciting.

Three of our spring chicks during their not-so-pretty growth spurt. 😀

We recently embarked on the exciting new adventure of chicken-keeping. Yes, we are now chicken tenders, and it has been so much fun!
We brought home four spring chickens the week before Easter this past spring.

Well, it has been several months of cleaning, feeding, keeping, and waiting. And then finally, last week, we got our first eggs! Two of our hens are now laying cute little brown eggs. I’m just so tickled to have farm animals in our backyard! Not to mention Saturday morning breakfasts are DELISH!

Hence, my exciting chore. Sometimes it’s raining, and the mosquitoes are abundant, but it is SO rewarding to go out and gather the eggs! I feel like I’m collecting little golden nuggets to show Chris. I think I’m really just a country farm girl at heart. ❤

Maybe on down the line, we can add a milk cow to our collection. 😀

Chris and I spent a few weeks building the chicken tractor. On its maiden voyage in the backyard, Bear broke the plexi-glass window in the door, hence the plywood cover. On the far left of the photo, the back end of the coop room are the laying boxes, and there is a little hinged door on the back so we can reach in and sneak the eggs right out! (The piece of fencing surrounding the coop was merely a little extra protection from Bear for the first few nights.) Chris rolls the coop to a new location in the yard each day so the grass stays clean and the birds have new bugs to eat!

Cara sang today…

July 26, 2012

Cara sang today:

“Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world!….. Oh! We forgot ORANGE!!”

That would be all the little Tennessee Vol children, I guess?

In other news, sweet Camryn Ellie turned one last Sunday! She is SUCH a precious baby! Here she is, smiling for the camera:Image

Camryn Eleora at her first birthday party

We are so thankful for this precious baby! What a joy she is to us. 😀

My Little Sponges

July 8, 2012

I’m continually amazed at the memory capabilities of children.  They remember so many details. Here’s a little story from this week:

We were in the car on the way home and Chris and I were in the front chatting away. The kids usually talk to each other or mumble to themselves in the backseat and it is SO fun to stop every now and then and sneak a peak at what they’re saying.

We paused for a moment and Chris’ eyes opened wide as he heard what Caleb was saying. It took me a minute, but then I recognized….

“Self Contwol: Instant ‘bedience to the ‘nitial promptins of God’s Spiwit.”

and he continued…

“Diligence: Visualizing each task as ‘pecial assignment from da Lord an using ALL my energies to ‘ccomplish it.”

Say WhAt?!?!?!?!

Cara and I go over character traits before breakfast and lunch each day, along with a memory verse and a number and letter. The definitions are quite a mouthful for a 2 year old, though, so Caleb doesn’t usually keep up. But he’s listening! I couldn’t BELIEVE what was coming out of his mouth! We asked him for a few more definitions, and boy, he was SPOT on!

Amazing. Absolutely AMAZING!

And one other story:

We have recently recorded “Mommy” and “Daddy Tapes” on the iPod. They are scripts of these character definitions, scriptures, manners for church and home, and what the Bible says about certain topics. (We hope to add more tracks soon… maybe some entire books of the Bible, more manners (could you ever teach enough??) and other random important tidbits).

Cara proved again how children are absolute SPONGES. They listen to these tapes at different points during they day, sometimes while they read books right before bed. This was the case one night last week, and again, Chris and I were listening in and heard her speaking along with the tape. Then the script ended. And Cara continued! She was already starting the next topic! Sure enough the track picked up the next topic and was echoing Cara’s words. She has only been listening to these tracks for a couple of weeks and she’s already quoting them at length.

We have begun thinking of all the Scripture we could record… she could have entire books memorized this way!

“You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Deuteronomy 6:7


Sweet Cara Bear

Baby Feet

June 23, 2012

I’ve decided the qualifier for me that means a baby has turned into a kid.

His feet.

Baby feet have the lovely, round, I’ve-not-been-walked-on-for-long shape. Pudge. Lots and lots of pudge. Sooo cute and sooo kissable! Kid feet are trimmer, jog-able, and look like small adult feet. Baby feet are COMPLETELY different. I noticed Caleb’s feet today… and they are still pudgy. 😀

That means I have one kid and two babies.

But then again, they’ll always be my babies, right?