Chicken Tenders

August 12, 2012

Can I share with you about one of my most exciting chores?

Yes, I think chores can be exciting.

Three of our spring chicks during their not-so-pretty growth spurt. 😀

We recently embarked on the exciting new adventure of chicken-keeping. Yes, we are now chicken tenders, and it has been so much fun!
We brought home four spring chickens the week before Easter this past spring.

Well, it has been several months of cleaning, feeding, keeping, and waiting. And then finally, last week, we got our first eggs! Two of our hens are now laying cute little brown eggs. I’m just so tickled to have farm animals in our backyard! Not to mention Saturday morning breakfasts are DELISH!

Hence, my exciting chore. Sometimes it’s raining, and the mosquitoes are abundant, but it is SO rewarding to go out and gather the eggs! I feel like I’m collecting little golden nuggets to show Chris. I think I’m really just a country farm girl at heart. ❤

Maybe on down the line, we can add a milk cow to our collection. 😀

Chris and I spent a few weeks building the chicken tractor. On its maiden voyage in the backyard, Bear broke the plexi-glass window in the door, hence the plywood cover. On the far left of the photo, the back end of the coop room are the laying boxes, and there is a little hinged door on the back so we can reach in and sneak the eggs right out! (The piece of fencing surrounding the coop was merely a little extra protection from Bear for the first few nights.) Chris rolls the coop to a new location in the yard each day so the grass stays clean and the birds have new bugs to eat!


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