Where’ve we been???

November 30, 2012

It’s been quite some time since a blog update happened. There have been more precious moments than I could keep up with! So many things triggered the thought, “oh, that would be facebook status worthy if we had a facebook!” but I just never found the right moment to get on here to share.

Visiting the zoo for the first time! Grandmommy’s birthday gift to Cara.

So what have we been up to? Here’s a blurb of a paragraph to summarize:


1st and 2nd trimesters with baby #4! Potty training Caleb. Only doing two loads of diapers a week now! Changing churches- now attending Basswood Church. Getting to know new church family! Learning what it means to be “reformed”. Experimenting with quinoa. Learning how to correctly pronounce “quinoa” (keen-wah). Eating “oatmilk” (Caleb’s version of “oatmeal”) on “tomorning” (Cara’s shortcut for “tomorrow morning”). Stealing as MUCH sugar from Camryn Ellie as is humanly possible. Smiling every time we go over numbers during homeschool and Caleb holds up the number “1”, which, because of his dougle-jointed (MUST be!) finger, looks more like a backwards “C”. I’ll never understand how his finger can bend back that far. Anyway…


Fighting gallbladder attacks. Finding out it looks like we’ll be welcoming a BOY in March! Discovering our love of sourdough waffles… and crackers… and pizza crusts. Embarking on our raw milk adventure (I have yet to enjoy this part of family life due to aforementioned gallbladder issues). Watching as each child takes turns going through growth spurts, and keeping up with the “Who Will Weigh More?” battle between Cara and Caleb (BOTH children currently weigh 29.2 pounds… and it looks like Cara is the next one starting a growth spurt!) Enjoying have a FOUR year old (!?!?!?!?!?) help me in the kitchen! (She LOVES all things domestic- she even asked for a BROOM for her birthday! And today she told Grandpa she would like a MOP for Christmas!!!!)


Phew! And I only WISH I could write a paragraph of all the sweet, cute, hiLARious things our blessings say and do each day! But alas, pregnesia has caused a momentary loss of memory capabilities on my part.


But here’s one I remember… It seems Cara is getting her ipod tracks confused. “Manners” and “Audio Bible” got a bit intertwined last week when she told me “Mom, Matthew chapter 1 says that we should always say ‘may I be excused?’ before getting down from the table.”


I’ve richly enjoyed seeing their little minds grow and learn lately, as well. Chris has been reading to them about the Loon bird from our character sketches book, and Cara tells me at least one thing about the loon everyday that somehow comes up in our daily conversation. She relates big concepts now, putting things and ideas together in ways that are so beautiful. God is SO mighty to create and grow little minds in such marvelous ways!


Camryn Ellie- my twin! Her newborn pictures confused family because of how much she looked like me- and not much has changed!


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