For the Aunts and Uncles

February 15, 2013

Just some funnies for those far away….

I just have to laugh at some of the words my kids love to say. They get on a kick and will repeat their favorites all day. Here are a few:


“Baked Ziti”

“SponTANeous!”Ā  <— one of Caleb’s favorites šŸ™‚


Today, Grandmommy babysat while I went to an appointment. She shared that at the breakfast table, Caleb pointed out the light fixture: “See that? Those are my lights. And THOSE are my spider webs!” Wow. Thanks for pointing that out Caleb. The spiderwebs on the light fixture have been noticed, but were at the botton (the veeerrry bottom) of my list of things to attend to. BUT, grandmommy to the rescue to turn a very hospitable moment into an opportunity to let the kids play with the feather duster. Bye-bye cobwebs!

DSC04393here are some pics of the kids during our recent snow. DSC04407


One Response to “For the Aunts and Uncles”

  1. Katie said

    I love those babies! I can’t believe how big they’re getting. Well, actually I can believe it as I’ve now witnessed how fast a baby can grow. :-\ Sigh. . .

    I think Cara is starting to look more like Chris now?!! Either way, I love all their faces. Wish I could plant some smoochies on them. šŸ™‚

    Love, Aunt Katie!

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