Ruth and Boaz

February 15, 2013

We’re reading through the book of Ruth during family Bible time in the evenings right now. Last night, Chris was talking to the kids about it at the table. He asked, “what did Ruth and Boaz do?” and here are the responses….

Caleb: “They weed-eated!”

Cara: “They cleaned the garden!”

I was so surprised at those responses, because from their 2 and 4-year-old perspectives, that’s exactly what happened! Caleb sees daddy use a weed-eater to knock down tall grass, and Cara knows we pull up the brush in the garden after we harvest the food. So if Ruth and Boaz were cutting down tall stalks of barley, they were weed-eating and cleaning the garden! Lol!



One Response to “Ruth and Boaz”

  1. sherrie Rumbolt said

    I love fresh perspective!

    From today’s adventures: I also love Caleb’s perspective of having his own spider web in the house. And I told dad Cara’s perspective of where the long dusting feathers come from–“tree feathers”

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