Monkey Pants

June 24, 2013

Sweet moments here. A few to share:


“I don’t think I can handle Camryn Ellie getting any older. I’m in rebellion.” – Chris (Can she just stay this cute no matter how old she gets?!?)

Camryn Ellie at the strawberry patch. Needless to say, she didn’t have any berries left in her bucket when we finished!


“CAMRYN’S GOT MY MONKEY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!” – Cara. Said of the sweet, aforementioned Camryn Ellie, who stole Cara’s monkey pants off the shelf.

Cara at the strawberry patch

“Mom, I want you to put the baby down for a nap and take me outside. ” – Caleb

Caleb helping daddy change brake pads

“Boys wear blue AND orange, and girls wear pink.” – Caleb



Uncle Jon’s first time meeting Amos (…and Caleb… and Camryn!)



Chris was trying to get Caleb to do something one day and told him to try it the “Old-school” way. Cara inquired what “old-school” meant, and Chris said it meant sort-of in an old-fashioned way. So the next day Cara came out of her room with her shoes on, ready to go…

Mom: “Why are your shoes on?”

Cara: “We’re going to go to fashion school and to Kelly’s (a friends).

SO, if your doing something old “school”, and you’re old “fashioned”, then it only makes sense that you need to go to fashion school. Haha!


ImageSweet Baby Amos!


“Cara did THIS to me (pushes a hand on his chest) and that was WRONG in her heart!” -Caleb

“Speaking of Grandmommy, here is Camryn’s water cup that was laying in the floor!” – Cara (makes NO sense whatsoever! hilarious…)




One Response to “Monkey Pants”

  1. Well (the Cara comment on Gr mommy) she must have been thinking of when I left my water cup there and it connected to Camryns water cup. Thanks for the funnies.

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